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Visa for Minors

The process to apply for a visa for a minor is the same as for an adult but with some exceptions.  First, review the instructions on How to Apply for a Visa for general visa processing information; then follow the instructions below for specific requirements pertaining to minor applicants.

In addition to the documentation required for all applications, bring the following to the interview:

  • The minor’s ORIGINAL birth certificate.
  • Original visas of both parents and the prior visa of the minor, as applicable; if at least one parent does not have a visa both parents should be present at the interview.  If both parents have visas, then only one parent needs to attend the interview, bringing the other parent's visa. 
  • A minor seven or older must attend the interview accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
  • Minors under the age of seven are not required to be present at the consular interview, but must attend the registration appointment at the ASC.
  • Receipt for payment of the application fee from Banamex

See Nonimmigrant Visa Processing Fees for detailed information on the current rates.


Helpful Supporting Documents

  • If the minor is a student, please submit a transcript, an identification card and a letter from the school attesting enrollment.

Important Message

  • All applicantes regardless of age, are required to register at the ASC.

    Minors, under the age of seven are not required to attend the interview at the Consulate.