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Tourist / Business Visa

The United States welcomes and encourages travel by Mexican visitors, but travelers must remember that a visa is required.  The visa application process involves data collection (including photo and fingerprints) at an Applicant Service Center (ASC) , database checks and, in most cases, a personal interview with a Consular Officer. Note that appointment wait times vary and are usually longer during the holidays. Select Average Appointment Wait Times to learn how long you will have to wait to schedule an appointment. Please allow sufficient time prior to your proposed travel date to complete the visa application process.

The Consulate General of Monterrey processes visas Monday through Friday, and closes on American and Mexican holidays.  All visa applicants must have appointments at the Applicant Service Center and at the Consulate to complete the application process.  For information on how to make an appointment by telephone or Internet, select How to Apply for a Visa.  Remember to have a valid passport of the visa applicant(s) in hand before you call.

If your visa is approved, it will take about 4 weeks from the time of your interview to receive your laser visa or 3-5 days to receive a non-laser visa (a BBBCV visa that is pasted in your passport), assuming no other administrative processing is required.  Thus, you should plan ahead and take into account the wait times to obtain appointment dates and allow time to process and deliver your visa.

For more information on how to obtain a non-immigrant visa click How to Apply for a Visa.

Please do not make travel plans until you receive your visa.

Collaboration System

Very Important

  • Note: It is very important that you fill out the new CEAC electronic questionaire correctly and completly. Not doing so may result in the delay of your visa processing or cancellation of your appointment.


  • Working in the United States without an appropriate work visa can result in visa
    cancellation and possibly deportation and a permanent ineligibility to receive visas in the future.


  • Travelers should remember that employment in the U.S. is not authorized with a B1/B2 or BCC-laser visa.  If you would like to seek employment in the U.S., you must apply for the appropriate work visa.  For information on how to obtain a work visa, select Work Visas.