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Marriage in Mexico

Mexican authorities require the following for marriage betwen a foreign citizen and a citizen of Mexico.

  1. Application stating the complete names of the couple, nationality, address, address of the civil registry office where marriage will take place and date the marriage will be performed.
  2. Original and certified copy of a valid document showing legal status in Mexico of the foreign citizen.
  3. Original and certified copy of foreign citizen's passport.
  4. Letter signed by both applicants addressed to the Instituno Nacional de Migracion stating that none of the them have a legal impediment to get married. Certified copy of a divorce decree or other evidence of termination of any former marriages of the foreign citizen or intended spouse. All documents issued in the U.S. Should be apostilled (authenticate the document) for use in Mexico. More Information about apostilles can be found in Department of State Travel Site.
  5. Original and certified copy of birth certificate of Mexican applicant.
  6. Original and Certified Copy of Mexican official photo identification of Mexican applicant.
  7. In case of minor applicants, permission from parents.
  8. Payment of fee.